120m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine
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120m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine

120m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine has been the most important product in Henan Shuangxin Fire Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is purchased mostly by purchasers from all over the world. It can be used in many places. Our dust-removing fog cannon is simple to install, easy to move, finely crafted components, reasonable in structure, perfect in configuration and good in operability.

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Product Description

120m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine

Promotional various durable using dust suppression mist fog cannon sprayer


1.Product Introduction

This fog cannon has high working efficiency, fast spraying speed, and strong adsorption to the dust floating in the air, which can save water consumption and reduce environmental pollution; the environmental protection dust removal sprayer is simple to use, safe and reliable, and cost-effective High, can be manually operated or remote controlled, compatible with electronic control, suitable for a large range, can change the spray angle at will, water consumption can be reduced by about 70% compared with other spray equipment, and the coverage area of fog droplets is larger than other dust suppression equipment.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)





Operation Method


Local or Remote Control

Remote Control Distance 100m

Technical Parameters

Throw Distance



Wind Volume

21200 m³/h


Wind Pressure

3635 Pa


Max Cover Area



Water Requirements

Normal Pressure

PH 6-8



Electricity Requirement

Voltage: AC380V,50HZ

Power 74KW





Water Consumption



Pitch Angle



Horizontal rotation angle



Working temperature



Protection Class

Not less than IP55


Start Method

Buck start


Rotary drive


slewing bearing


Pitch drive



Control Method

Manual or remote Controller



Base size 2400*1600








Technical parameter requirements of spray gun nozzle and pump set

Fan power



         Impeller material

Aluminum alloy casting


Nozzle Material



Nozzle number



Hydraulic station power



Pump power



Pump model


SS Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Nozzle ring




3.Product Feature And Application


The advantages of this dust removal fog machine are that it sprays far away, covers a large area, and has high work efficiency. It can spray regularly and accurately, and the sprayed particles are small. After encountering the dust, it can quickly surround the dust and land on the ground. the purpose of dust suppression.

The environmental protection dust-removing sprayer can directly use 380V mains power, or can use diesel generator set to provide power, whether it is placed on a concrete pouring platform or a mobile vehicle; it is easy to operate, through manual operation or remote control, at the level Angle or adjust the spray angle up and down, it is safe and reliable to use.


six advantage

1.gasification humidification

2.high range 3.purifying air

4.all copper motor

5.one-button start

6.350° adjust



high angle spray multi-angleadjustment

-5~35°tilting multi-angle round-trip adjustable, 350°horizontal rotation multi-angle round-trip adjustable.

the spraying area of water mist is wider and the dust suppression efficiency is better 350°horizontal rotation rotation angle lowwater consumption save water 350°70%~80%


4.Product Details


details decide the quality

1.stainless steel double water ring

compared with the single water ring of the same level the fog vollme is larger. the stainless steel material enslres that the water ring can still be used stably for a long time even when the water source is slightly corrosive

stainless steel centrifugal pump adopt domestic first-line rrand centrifligal pump high efficiency.safety and reliability, wear resistance no leakage.long service liff low failure rate.simple structure.convenient maintenance and low noise

3.fixed installation can be mounted to work on moeile vehicles, build platforms and sprinklers

4.aluminum alloy fan blade the aluminum alloy fan rladf has high hardness is not easily deformed. light in weight. large in air voliime and saves more electricity than iron fan blades


various power options:

best quality dc battery 440v/660v/60hzetc. special voltage , special frequency custom made


application scenarios

suitable for cooling, dust suppression, killing, etc. agriculture and forestry, coal mine , chemical plant construction site, municipal, stone carving factory


what we offer: 1) good quality control 2) highly competitive prices 3) state-of-art technology products 4) smooth communication 5) effective oem&odm service



a) how could i get a sample? before we received the first order, please afford the sample cost and express fee. we will return the sample cost back to you within your first order.

b) sample time? existing items: within 7 days.

c) whether you could make our brand on your products? yes. we can print your logo on both the products and the packages if you can meet our moq.

d) whether you could make your products by our color? yes, the color of products can be customized if you can meet our moq.

e) how to guarantee the quality of your products? 1) strict detection during production. 2) strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.


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