Air Grill Square Diffuser
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Air Grill Square Diffuser

Air vent blind window has been the most important product in Henan Shuangxin Fire Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is purchased mostly by purchasers from all over the world.As a leading Air Grill Square Diffuser manufacturer and supplier in China, we are strong willing to open the International market directly to supplying products with good quality and favorable price.

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Product Description

Air vent blind window are a type of air distributor. In air conditioning engineering, various types of supply and return air outlets (or exhaust outlets) are commonly referred to as air distributors. Common shutter air vents include single-layer shutter air vents, double-layer shutter air vents, side wall grille air vents, and slot type grille air vents. Single layer louvered air vents are often used for return air vents, sometimes paired with aluminum alloy mesh filters or nylon filter screens. The double-layer louver air outlet is composed of double-layer blades, with the front layer of blades being adjustable and the rear layer of blades being fixed. As needed, a split multi blade air volume regulating valve can be configured to adjust the air volume of the air outlet.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Name

Air Grill Square Diffuser


Ventilation System Outlet and Return Outlet


1 Year




Standard white


Air conditioner vents


Easy Installation



Product Feature And Application

1.Sound insulation effect. There are sealed slots and strips between the blades and the fixed bracket. When fully closed, the double-layer hollow structure can maintain indoor temperature and isolate outdoor high temperatures. When all the blades are closed, the indoor noise can be reduced by 30 decibels or more, and air conditioning refrigeration can greatly save energy


2.Ventilation privacy. By electric and manual operation, the blade angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to control the air volume, adjust the wind direction, meet different ventilation needs, flexibly change the indoor air circulation, and increase the indoor oxygen ion content. The interior cannot be seen outdoors, and while achieving ventilation, it also has excellent privacy effects.


3.Protect from rain and dust. Rainwater will not float into the room, and when the blades are closed, they have good sealing and effectively block wind and dust.



4.Wide field of vision. When the blades are adjusted to 90 degrees, the maximum field of view can be achieved without any obstruction or oppression.



5.Daylighting performance. It has the effect of light refraction and can increase indoor lighting. You can also adjust the angle of the blades freely to adjust the sunlight entering the room, providing good lighting function.

Application sites

1. When louvered air vents are used for side supply in all air conditioning systems, their aerodynamic performance is slightly worse than that of double-layer louvered air vents, and they are only used in general air conditioning engineering. In most cases, it is used as a return air outlet.


2. Louvered air vents can be used for both supply and return air, making them suitable for comfort air conditioning. Installed on the ceiling and flush with the ceiling or installed on the ceiling static pressure box to form a downward inclined airflow.


3. The ground fixed inclined shutter air outlet is installed on the ground and is suitable for downward air supply.

Product Details

1.Back of Air vent blind window

2.On the front side of the ventilation louver


3.Removable ventilation louvers

4.Front of ventilation louver


Q1:Can I have more details?

A1:Yes, for sure. You can Contact us on Alibaba message, or give a phone call on +8617881452144.WhatsApp:+8617881452144.


Q2: How could I get a sample?

A2: You can inquiry me , and we discuss the price and shipment method.


Q3: What payment method do you accept?

A3: We accept Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, Western Union and PayPal.


Q4: How will you ship the goods?

A4; We can ship to you by Express like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. Or sea shipping with containers.

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