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Central Air-conditioning Room Equipment

Henan Shuangxin Fire Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of top ten Central air conditioning room equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have specialized in Central air conditioning room equipment for 27 years and exported our products to more than 30 countries with strong technical support, good quality and services.
The Central air conditioning room equipment contains many parts like Constant Pressure Water Supply Unit, Comprehensive Water Treatment, Water Collector, Swirl Flow Desander etc. The central air conditioning system consists of one or more cold and heat source systems and multiple air conditioning systems, which are different from traditional refrigerant air conditioners (such as single unit, VRV) to centrally process air to meet comfort requirements. The principle of liquid vaporization refrigeration is used to provide the required cooling capacity for the air-conditioning system to offset the heat load of the indoor environment; the heating system provides the required heat for the air-conditioning system to offset the cooling and heating load of the indoor environment. 
The central air conditioning room equipment system is a vital part of the central air-conditioning system, and its type, operation mode, and structural form directly affect the economy, efficiency, and rationality of the central air-conditioning system in operation. 
Different from the installation method of ordinary air conditioners, the design and installation of small central air conditioners must be installed before the room is decorated. Simple and beautiful. Projects with this design are best installed during the construction process, otherwise it will affect the later decoration. Household central air conditioners generally do not have a fresh air system, even if it is an air heat pump type, the fresh air replacement can only reach 15%. If you want to achieve better results, you need to add a fresh air system. The outdoor opportunity occupies an area of about 1 square meter on the balcony.
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