Fire exhaust fan wiring how to operate correctly?


With the increasing scale of various industrial devices, the use of strong smoke exhaust fan is more widely. Before the test run, the product manual should be read carefully and the wiring method should be strictly followed.

When many companies install fire exhaust fan, because the electrician is not very familiar with the fire exhaust fan, there is the phenomenon of reverse connection of the line and reverse of the impeller to burn the motor. The following is about the correct connection method of fire exhaust fan, hoping to help everyone.

Wiring diagram of fire strong exhaust fan

1. Pull five wires from the fire main engine to the fire strong smoke exhaust fan power control box, and connect request, response, normal state, fault, COM respectively. Of course, different fire fighting equipment has different connection methods, and the specific method also depends on the fire fighting main engine on site.

2, the problem of integrated fire, when the detection area alarm, smoke, temperature sense) hand to wait to send out alarm signal, the fire host accept this signal, signal alarm, and through good programs are installed in the host in advance is the corresponding linkage system action (strong power cut, the elevator landing, shutter control, sound and light alarm, radio start, start exhaust fan, etc.).

3. If the fire main engine is on the automatic crotch, it will automatically start the corresponding linkage system. If it is manual, it will send a request signal, which needs to be manually started by the operator. Fire equipment needs to be installed with a multi-line control panel, and then connect five lines to the fan control box, respectively connected to start, stop, feedback, fault, COM, wiring terminal.