What is the cause of low service life of centrifugal fan?


Some users responded to us that the centrifugal fan has a low life span and needs to be replaced in less than two years. Is there any way to solve this problem? Increase the service life of centrifugal fan.

Continuous shaft type FRP fan

Why is the use cycle time of centrifugal fan not long? First of all, the operation life is short, mainly check which part of the parts is the problem, in view of the frequently damaged parts, to analyze, what is the cause of the parts damage, can be prevented next time?

Belt type FRP fan pressure ≤3500Pa

For example, the core rotor may often be damaged, it is necessary to check whether the gas contains a small amount of corrosive gas inside, which parts are damaged; May be purchased before use, and did not pay attention to these, but once used, there are all kinds of problems, post-processing is more troublesome.

Axial high-pressure FRP fan ≤7Kpa

To increase the service life of centrifugal fans, first determine whether there is corrosive gas and the severity of the loss of parts. Long-term maintenance, replacement of oil and other parts, and continuous uninterrupted operation should be maintained.