What are the classifications of circular diffusers?


Classification of circular diffusers:

Circular diffuser, as the name suggests, divides the blowing direction of the air conditioning ventilation outlet into multiple directions and flow rates. It is generally installed in large area air outlets such as halls to ensure uniform distribution of fresh air.

Classified by diffuser type:

(1) Square (rectangular) type diffusers, circular multi-layer conical diffusers, and circular convex diffusers have a flat inlet type of airflow.

(2) Self powered temperature controlled variable flow diffuser

(3) Return (suction) to a dual purpose diffuser.

Diffuser is a commonly used air outlet in air conditioning systems, characterized by uniform diffusion, simple and beautiful appearance, and can be made into a square or rectangular shape according to usage requirements, which can adapt to any ceiling decoration requirements. The inner core of the circular diffuser can be removed from the outer frame for easy installation and cleaning. By placing the blade adjustment valve at the rear, the air volume can be controlled and adjusted. Suitable for broadcasting rooms, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, amusement halls, theater lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, hotels, gyms, etc. To avoid noise interference and discomfort in various environments, the cervical wind speed should be determined based on the performance chart, and the installation height and position should be considered.