Red Color Dust Removal Fog Cannon
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Red Color Dust Removal Fog Cannon

Henan Shuangxin Fire and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a leading Ultra fine fog and micro fog type special fog cannon for steel plant manufacturer and supplier in China.We have been specialized in fog cannon dust control for many years. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, we are strong willing to open the International market directly to supplying Red Color Dust Removal Fog Cannon with good quality and favorable price.

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Product Description

 Red Color Dust Removal Fog Cannon



1.Product Introduction

The water mist particles sprayed by the fog gun are extremely small, reaching the micrometer level. In haze weather, liquid mist can be used to reduce dust, decompose and dilute the concentration of particles in the air, effectively decompose pollutants, dust, etc., and effectively alleviate haze. It is reported that thefog cannoncan quickly force the floating pollution particles in the air to the ground, achieving the effect of cleaning and purifying the air.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)

70m Red Color Dust Removal Fog Cannon



Horizontal Rotation Angle

Normal 0-320°

Area Covered


Material of Nozzle

304 Stainless Steel 

Up-down Pitch Angle

Normal 0-35°

Applicable ambient temperature


Protection class


Driven Type






Fan Power


Sprayer Material

304 Stainless Steel 

Sprayer Number


3.Product Feature And Application

1.The characteristics of theDust Removal Fog Cannonare low power, low energy consumption, powerful control system function, wide coverage, low noise, and high safety.

2. The dedusting effect is closely related to the diameter of spray particles. The nozzle is more professional in atomizing water into suitable dust reducing water mist particles, which can reduce dust quickly and spray more evenly.

3. Water pump: The water pump is the heart of the dust and mist removal machine, mainly used to transport water from the water tank to the nozzle, and atomize the water through high-pressure water flow

4. Fan: The function of a fan is to generate high-speed airflow. When the fan impeller rotates, high-speed airflow sprays out from the air outlet, blowing the small mist droplets formed by atomization of the nozzle to the desired area.

5. Steering positioning device: A steering positioning device is installed at the connection between the fan and the outlet duct, allowing the outlet direction of the outlet duct to rotate 360°in the horizontal plane to adapt to changes in the operating wind direction;

6. Remote control device: The automatic type of dust and mist removal gun machine can be controlled by a remote controller, with a distance of 100 meters. It can remotely control the machine's start, rotation, and pitch angle, making operation safer.

7. The installation method of the fog gun machine is relatively flexible, which can not only be fixed on the surface of concrete or steel structures, but also be installed on vehicles for mobile spraying.

8. The entire equipment is operated and controlled flexibly. Safe and simple to use, it can not only spray at a horizontal angle, but also work at a vertical pitch angle.


Application sites

1.Environmental dust removal: This is the main purpose of theDust Removal Fog Cannon, whether indoor or outdoor, as long as there is a large amount of dust generated in the place, the fog gun machine is needed.

2. Environmental cooling: Places that require cooling, such as specific factory workshops, cultural squares, breeding farms, etc.

3. Spraying pesticides: Suitable places include forest pest control, landfill pest control, animal husbandry pest control, etc.

4. Improving environmental odor: Suitable places include garbage dumps, aquaculture farms, etc.


Product Details


1.Detailed display of the oblique side of the Dust Removal Fog Cannon



2. Detailed display of Dust Removal Fog Cannon spray


3.Dust Removal Fog Cannon can be customized to display other color details

4.Display of packing details for Dust Removal Fog Cannon shipment

Company Certificate






Q1:Can I have more details?

A1:Yes, for sure. You can Contact us on Alibaba message, or give a phone call on +8617881452144.WhatsApp:+8617881452144.


Q2: How could I get a sample?

A2: You can inquiry me , and we discuss the price and shipment method.


Q3: What payment method do you accept?

A3: We accept Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, Western Union and PayPal.


Q4: How will you ship the goods?

A4; We can ship to you by Express like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. Or sea shipping with containers.



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