Single-layer shutter air outlet
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Single-layer shutter air outlet

Henan Shuangxin Fire and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a leading Single-layer shutter air outlet manufacturer and supplier in China.It is purchased mostly by purchasers from all over the world. It can be used in many places. Our rectangular air vent has simple installation, fine components, reasonable structure, complete configuration, good operability, and a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

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Product Description

The vertical arrangement of the blades of the single-layer shutter air outlet is V-shaped, and the horizontal arrangement is H-shaped. Usually, they are equipped with a split multi blade air volume regulating valve to regulate the air volume of the air outlet. The installation angle of the blades can be changed as needed. For H-type adjustable vertical elevation or depression angle; For V type, the horizontal diffusion angle can be adjusted. The specification of the air outlet is based on the neck size W × H represents. Although single-layer louvered air vents can also be used as side air vents, their aerodynamic performance is worse than that of double-layer air vents. It is often used in engineering for return air vents, sometimes paired with aluminum alloy mesh filters or nylon filter screens.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Name

Single-layer shutter air outlet


Ventilation System Outlet and Return Outlet


1 Year




Standard white


Air conditioner vents


Easy Installation



Product Feature And Application

The single-layer louver grille has a single layer of adjustable blades, which can obtain different air supply distances and diffusion angles, thereby regulating air circulation. It can serve as both an air inlet and an air outlet.

1. Single layer adjustable blades for different air supply distances and diffusion angles.

2. Can be used as a supply and return air outlet.

3. Available in aluminum or iron.

4.When using the air supply outlet separately in conjunction with the regulating valve.

It can be made into an openable structure and used in conjunction with a filter screen when serving as a return air outlet.

Application sites

1. It is usually installed on pipelines or side walls as a side air supply outlet.

2. The double-layer louver air outlet has two layers of adjustable angle movable blades, and the short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the supply air flow and can also be used to change the direction of the air flow.

3. Adjusting the long blades can make the supply air flow adhere to the ceiling or tilt downwards at a certain angle (when supplying warm air).

4.The blades of a single-layer louver air outlet can be parallel to the long edge or the short edge, and can be selected according to customer requirements.

Product Details

1.Front of single-layer louver air vent

2.Various styles of single-layer louvered air vents

3.Oblique side of single layer louver air vent

4.Factory direct sales, many single layer louvered air vents


Q1:Can I have more details?

A1:Yes, for sure. You can Contact us on Alibaba message, or give a phone call on +8617881452144.WhatsApp:+8617881452144.


Q2: How could I get a sample?

A2: You can inquiry me , and we discuss the price and shipment method.


Q3: What payment method do you accept?

A3: We accept Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, Western Union and PayPal.


Q4: How will you ship the goods?

A4; We can ship to you by Express like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. Or sea shipping with containers.


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