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Stainless Steel Air Vent

Henan Shuangxin Fire and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a leading Stainless Steel Air Vent Cap manufacturer and supplier in China. The air outlet products are made of high-quality stainless steel material (with oxidation treatment on the surface, good corrosion resistance, good decorative surface cleanliness, and beautiful appearance), with excellent design, superior performance, and a complete range of varieties. Various products can also be sprayed or colored according to user needs.You can rest assured to purchase stainless steel air vent,and we will provide you with high-quality and thoughtful services.

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Air Vent Cap, also known as air vent, is a product suitable for decorating the exhaust of various building exterior walls. This type of design is designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other exhaust ducts in buildings, factories, shopping malls, and residential areas. It can not only beautify the exterior wall, but also has practicality in wind and rain protection. It is durable and does not age, adding a modern atmosphere to modern construction, This air outlet is equipped with louvers and stainless steel insect proof mesh, and the ribs are equipped with three spring hooks. When you install it, you do not need screws to fix it. Simply push the circular exhaust port into the hole and use the hooks to catch the exhaust port to fix it. It looks like a ball and works like an exhaust cap. It is a product developed by a developed institute and has good ventilation in factories, shopping malls, power plants, residential buildings, etc. It is a product promoted by the Ministry of Construction for outdoor wall ventilation, ventilation, and rain protection, which reflects its aesthetics.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Name

Stainless Steel Air Vent


Ventilation System Outlet and Return Outlet


1 Year


Stainless Steel




Air Vent


Easy Installation



Product Feature And Application

The structural characteristics of the spherical vent opening: It is composed of a combination of a semicircular sphere and a movable piece. The structure is simple, convenient to install, and has little trouble during long-term use. It is essential for home and daily ventilation, and the overall appearance is elegant and the details are perfect. It is made of stainless steel 304 to prevent rust, and there is also a reinforced card that can firmly clamp the installation opening. This product is suitable for range hood openings, ventilation fan openings, and ventilation openings. It can play a role in preventing wind, sand, dust, decorating exterior walls, and preventing mosquitoes and insects from entering the home.


Practical performance: The stainless steel windproof cap on the exterior wall is a new type of ventilation product. It has been widely used in the construction of factories, shopping malls, residential buildings, etc. It not only does not damage the beauty and elegance of the exterior wall, but also has the practicality of wind, rain, insect, and ventilation. When households on all floors install range hoods for cooking activities, this product can effectively prevent the problem of shared flue backflow and mutual smoke and odor between floors and kitchens, and meet the necessary exhaust air volume of the kitchen.

Application sites

Suitable for the exhaust of general building exterior walls, this type of design is designed for the kitchen and toilet of buildings and houses, and the end of the exhaust duct is connected to the exterior wall, which has the function of beautifying the exterior wall.

The spherical outer air port is equipped with louvers and stainless steel insect proof mesh.

There are three spring hooks attached to the neck, which do not need to be fixed with screws during installation. Simply push the circular exhaust port into the hole and fix it with the hooks stuck on the exhaust port.

Product Details

1.Front details of stainless steel air vents

2.Three stainless steel air vents of different sizes(providing you with a choice of different sizes)

3.The stainless steel air vent has the characteristics of waterproofing and rust prevention

4.Display of bottom details of stainless steel air vents

Company Certificate



Q1:Can I have more details?

A1:Yes, for sure. You can Contact us on Alibaba message, or give a phone call on +8617881452144.WhatsApp:+8617881452144.


Q2: How could I get a sample?

A2: You can inquiry me , and we discuss the price and shipment method.


Q3: What payment method do you accept?

A3: We accept Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, Western Union and PayPal.


Q4: How will you ship the goods?

A4; We can ship to you by Express like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. Or sea shipping with containers.

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