70m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine
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70m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine

Henan Shuangxin Fire and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a leading Anti freezing and heat tracing remote dust suppression fog cannon manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in 70m throw distance split type fog cannon machine for many years. Our products have and high quality with a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to develop more market with sincere partners.

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Product Description

70m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine


1. Product Introduction

The 70m Throw Distance Box Type Fog Cannon Machine is made of high quality paint carbon steel and famous electrical parts and stainless steel centrifugal pump which ensure to meet most dusty occasions demanding dust control requirements. The product is easy to install and maintain. It can be selected according to the different needs of customers. The product quality is guaranteed and the technology is constantly innovating and improving. The goal is to help customers save costs, improve efficiency and create long-term value.


2. ProductParameter (Specification)







fog system



Fog machine body, control system






Local and remote control

Remote control distance 100 m


Throw distance m


still wind condition

Maximum coverage






Water requirements






Power requirements



Droplet size(μm)



Spray flow(l/min)



Pitch angle




Horizontal rotation angle





Applicable ambient



of fog




Protection class


No less than IP55

Most of the places of use are open spaces

Start method

Buck start


Rotary drive

Hydraulic / Slewing Bearing



Pitch drive

Hydraulic motor plus

hydraulic strut


External dimensions


Base size:1600*1400







Transportation andinstallation






Fan power kw




Nozzle material

Stainless steel 304





machine nozzle and

Number of nozzles



pump set

Hydraulic station

power kw




Hydraulic station


Pump power kw




Spray ring material

Stainless steel 304 material


Nozzle steel plate

thickness mm




Equipment stand

Channel steel square tube


Equipment paint

Baking paint


Inlet size

DN40 outsilk


3. Product Feature And Application



1. Far range, wide coverage, high efficiency, can realize precise spraying.

2. the sprayed fog particles are small, and when in contact with the dust, it forms a kind of moist fog body, which can quickly put the dust.

3.  water consumption compared to other dust spraying equipment (spray gun, sprinkler) can save 70% -80%, and water mist coverage area.

4. It has good sealing property and the protection grade can reach IP65.

5. The anti blocking nozzle is adopted, which can be used in the coal shed for a long time without blocking, without manual cleaning, and reduces the workload of maintenance personnel.

6. Intelligent PLC control can realize quantitative, timing and directional work.

7. A variety of operation modes, including manual operation, remote operation, and remote control within 100 meters. And can be used at will to mediate the horizontal rotation and spray angle



1.Dealing with urban PM2.5 air exceedance, pollution control, dust reduction and fog removal, urban environmental management.

2. Dust removal in the yard. All coal piles, material piles, ash heaps, yard open-air loading and unloading operations spraying dust suppression, spraying or spraying stabilizers and other dust suppression.

3.Construction sites, demolition and other construction works, construction waste, slag waste, loading, unloading and stacking and other activities that generate dust pollution dust management.

4.Material transportation, such as dust and pollutant-prone coal and coke, sand and gravel, soil embalming, garbage, slag and other vehicles prone to dusty pollutant materials, as well as heavy vehicles, and dust pollution control due to material spillage or leakage during transportation.

5.Dust on the exposed ground, the implementation of greening projects, green spraying and dust reduction measures.

6.In airports, highways, stations, docks, public places and landfills, etc., spraying disinfection and killing bacteria, dust reduction and moisture preservation and cooling disinfection in sports grounds, hot sites, etc.


4. Product Details



All copper motor. We use all copper motor, which makes our products durable and ensures the machine service life.



Fully closed control box. The machine needs to work in a safety place and it use electricity source so the control box needs to be carefully treated.



Package. Considering the long distance of the international transportation, we specially made this durable metal frame and wood carton packing way to make sure our customers receive the order perfectly.



Customizable:We, as the original factory, can customize the following parts for you: machine color, logo, explosion-proof type, package you like, etc

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