Split Type Fog Cannon Machine
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Split Type Fog Cannon Machine

Henan Shuangxin Fire Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It's a professional fog cannon Machine manufacturer and exporter. It has its own R&D team, always win the trust of customers with high-quality products and services. Our split type fog cannon machine are exported to home and abroad. Different from other supplier in China, Shuangxin Factory specially stress quality, which constantly keeps us growing bigger. Product styles are diverse, welcome to customize and purchase at any time.

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Product Description

100m Throw Distance Split Type Fog Cannon Machine

Product Introduction

This 40m Throw Distance Box Type Fog Cannon Machine has high working efficiency, fast spraying speed and strong adsorption to the dust floating in the air which can save water consumption and reduce environmental pollution; the environmental protection dust removal sprayer is simple to use, safe and reliable, and cost-effective High, can be manually operated or remote controlled, compatible with electronic control, suitable for a large range, can change the spray angle at will, water consumption can be reduced by about 70% compared with other spray equipment, and the coverage area of fog droplets is larger than other dust suppression equipment.

ProductParameter (Specification)





Mist Cannon System


Mist Cannon Main Body

Operation Method


Control Box / Remote Control

100M Control Distance

GeneralTechnicalParameters ofMist Cannon

Spray Distance


Effective Distance Under 0.5m/s Wind Speed

Water Source requirement

Water pressure: normal pressure.

Water quality: PH value 6-8, suspended solids must be less than 50PPm


Voltage: AC380V, 50Hz

Power: 74KW

Voltage can be customized.

Wind Volume


Wind Pressure


droplet particles


Spray Volume


Up and Down


Side to Side


Working Temperature


Can Customize Antifreeze Type

Protection Class

Not Less ThanIP55

Most of the places of use are open spaces

Start method

Soft Starter


Electrically Driven


Electrically Driven


Bottom Size:2100*1600mm

For Installation



For Shipment



Technical parameter requirements of spray gun nozzle and pump set

Fan Power


Spray Nozzle Material

304 Stainless Steel

Nozzle Number




Hydraulic station or rotary motor

Pump Power


Water Pump Model


Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

Spray Ring Material

304 Stainless Steel




ChannelSteel ;




Remote Controller

12 Keys

Product Feature And Application


1. Powerful, long range, wide coverage, can achieve precise spraying; high efficiency, fast spraying speed.

2. When spraying water to dusty yards, the sprayed fog particles are fine and form a moist fog when they come into contact with the floating dust, which can quickly suppress and sink the dust.

3. Can be installed on the platform of concrete pouring, also can be installed on the transport vehicle with diesel generator set power supply.

4. Flexible operation, safe and reliable use, remote control and manual control operation, wireless remote control operation within 100 meters (also can be operated in the cab), simple and convenient operation; effectively avoid the pollution of drugs to the operator.

5. Water consumption compared to other dust suppression spraying equipment can save 70% ~ 80% (spray gun, sprinkler locomotive), and the water mist covering the dust area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.


1. Dust pollution control of coal processing site, mine, coal yard, port coal yard, power plant, steel plant, coke, etc.

2. Dust and temperature reduction in house demolition sites, water conservancy dams, highway bridges, etc.

3. Garbage dumps and large area disinfection and epidemic prevention after natural disasters.

4. Urban PM2.5 air exceeds the standard governance, pollution, dust reduction and haze reduction, urban environmental governance.

5. House demolition sites, water conservancy dams, highways and bridges, and other dust reduction,, cooling.

6. Coal processing site, mine, coal yard, port coal yard, power plant, steel plant, coke and other dust pollution management.

7. Airports, highways, stations, docks, garbage dumps and natural disasters after the disinfection of large areas, epidemic prevention; sports fields, hot sites, such as dust reduction and preservation humidity and cooling disinfection.

Product Details

High strength aluminum alloy fan blade
Stainless steel water ring

High strength cone straight duct
304 stainless steel control cabinet

The multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pump has stronger corrosion resistance, excellent energy saving, low noise, easy maintenance and durability.

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